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me scrawling on the wall in my own blood graffiti is only a helpful narrative tool if you understand its radical nature and accept it as a form of art but the last line trails off as I die from blood loss

hownottodraw she/they 🏳️‍🌈 ✨ @LeenaVanD me, scrawling on the wall in my own blood: "graffiti is only a helpful narrative tool if you understand its radical nature and accept it as a form of art" but the last line trails off as I die from blood loss ✨Game writer✨ (Moonstone Island, Winding Worlds) & ✨Journalist✨ (The Guardian, RPS, Nintendo Life, Vice, PC Gamer, Minecraft)
TheLandSpot1 United States of America Invest in this 0.27 acre of land in #Roswell, which has easily access to 32 parks, outdoor facilities, and several walking trails. This tremendous #property provides a unique experience with its #beautiful_art and culture scene. Here at we are dedicated to providing our customers with amazing deals, owner financing real estate.
powlowskixevw 5941. Hohokam Stadium. Tour reviews: ... Garden, New Orleans Museum of Art, Besthoff Sculpture Garden, four trails and bike paths, wildflower fields, four... SQVMIND
kristina88y 5940. New Orleans City Park. Tour reviews: ... Garden, New Orleans Museum of Art, Besthoff Sculpture Garden, four trails and bike paths, wildflower fields, four... KNGFIUI
MikeMcElhaney3 Austin, TX @murphy_strength @wapplehouse Oh, I knew what you were talking about. Art. ✌️Entire YouTube videos devoted to rock stacking. Cairns on trails have a use, but folks rely on them when not needed. Even sending people in the wrong directions. You should see some easy trails, covered. Aging mountaineer, progressive, ex-military, face in the crowd
OddJobsGareki ✨I really want to play Trails of the Sky all week! So, join me for some work as junior bracers..! Be sure to follow on Twitch if you want to stop by for some cozy streams!😊 Character Art: @/yubetoup #VTuber #Vtubers #ENVtuber #VTuberUprising Owner of Odd Jobs Gareki! I stream Mon-Wed-Fri 11AM MST on Twitch! ART: @oxSTL | RIG: @VeinyST | PFP: @yubetoup Fanart: #GarekiArt
VeleidosoPenoso @MESSORUMNOCTIS That's... yeah, that's reasonable. But still... (she trails off, wandering, peering, disbelieving that she's in a room with this much art and it's not a museum) Interior designer. Wine drinker. Cat owner. Her name is Rune. She reminds me of the happiness I had. Let me tell you a story about Death. Not like that. (OC RP)
BerkshireEagle Pittsfield, Massachusetts Lauren R. Stevens takes you on a 3-mile hike in Williamstown this week. The Berkshire Eagle — Berkshire County's leading and most trusted digital and print news source. Published in Pittsfield, Mass.
k_dixon_author Seaham I will still bring copies of Book 1 & 2 to the book signing on 16th April at @7stories if anyone needs to catch up. 🍄 Pre-Order Inkcap & The Agaric Circle - there will be mushy trails, mushy readings, original art and much more! - #KidLit #kidsactivities Children's author & illustrator. Touring #NorthEast with Inkcap & The Magical World of Mushroom Marvellous. For school workshops and events 👇
Jennife46206019 Art of the Day: "Fairy Trails". Buy at:
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dejus Traveling the US Now that I’m not doing Sinclair Trails posts every day, I could post random pictures on Sundays on this blog. Here’s some interesting wall art from MOD Pizza in Willis, Texas. Personal updates from owner of app developer @Dejal. Touring the US full-time in a 40-foot 2017 Tiffin Allegro Bus 40SP motorhome: @SinclairTrails.
4Robinson_Art @LegendaryEnergy Maybe it's because Japan doesn't have a government and various corporate entities that regularly douse the environment and citizens with a daily chemical cocktail* of variety of "crap" from airplanes! Regular dose of "Chem-Trails" poison! the basics: *PRO-SANITY *(IDC) about Ideology *Politically Homeless *Death Metal Enthusiast *Only dates biologically born WOMEN *PRO AMERICAN SOVEREIGNTY
XcelPayProtocol Singapore - 14 Peaks - Check out inspired art under XcelNFT - 14-peaks. XcelNFT is an experience, a journey along scenic trails in the high Himalayas Releasing Soon. 🌳❤️ #14peaks #aroundthehimalayas #XcelNFt #XcelDefi Multichain & Multiverse to solve the real world problems. @xceldefi @xceltrip @xcelpaywallet ! Led by @xlabgyanendra
mimokiva 🇵🇷 s/her • proship DNI maybe someday i’ll post trails doodles on my art acc :x vi / kiva • 25 • trails/kiseki (currently on azure!), FF7R, KH, pkmn, vocaloid, zelda, cute art • likes can be nsfw • 💘 @vacantvagabond 🧥• art acc: @kivavis
Hadamijo California @paulsl_3 @Western_Trad Yeah, it's crazy just how many great public works were done during the New Deal that we take for granted. Tons of urban, national and state parks, hiking trails, public monuments/art, and bridges that are barely hanging on now. IBEW Local 1245/47, Market Socialist, Firearms, Urban Planning, Cooking, Contentious
1of1xtz @culture3xyz @dominosmusic @Clovical Another great interview, love the ties between magic and performance art, the notes on fans, and the note from Domino augmented by Clovis of : “I was leading people to my songs through visual art, drawings, film, photography, and poetry.” Those breadcrumb trails worked. Current Curations: UTR + Bastards Event Page: Central Gallery: Graphics @monochromatikal
SeasideSignal Seaside, Oregon Art workshop coming to Trail's End Gallery Your hometown newspaper since 1905.
Sans_Fi @Emily_Art I don't know how you could represent this, but maybe the spikes are so many and so heavy that they drag through the floor, leaving 3 trails in the sand. Like when in slasher movies the killer drags their weapon on the floor to be intimidating. Any pronouns
kristianlisle west Yorkshire, England @bigD4629 @adam_blair My bad apologies. I do mainly ride urban with odd trails in between . Yeah I love urban art and the time it takes to do it . I should start again and do my own thing right ?. Thanks for the shout out 😛👍. getting out on the mountain bike urban style 😛 . Rf filter aligner for over 20 years 🤪
ashesorarom Il Mheg @cainastra “the day my mother’s fæ tathlums were given to me…” he trails off smiling softly. “titania gave them to me, left by my mother. i had practiced the art of dance since childhood and she was a well renown dancer,” he kisses his cheek. “i always feel close to her” 🤍💫🖤🌙 fæ prince of the first, the warrior of light, and fiancé of @cainastra 🤍 | 31 | ffxiv | primal ultros | console gposer | rp | dms open