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AND WELL HIS PET IS SUCH A CUTIE I love how he clings onto Zhongli s shoulder and his little pants as that string of spit trails from his mouth HE WAS SO TASTY FOR HIM

militaryartw0rk @matemi_art AND WELL, HIS "PET" IS SUCH A CUTIE! I love how he clings onto Zhongli's shoulder and his little pants as that string of spit trails from his mouth 😩 HE WAS SO TASTY FOR HIM 😳😳 turnip
p_staatz Pacific North WEST @KristinLRaught You are most welcome 🌹 And thankyou for sharing The home town/State art 🎨 Oregon Trails 💯❤️ Riding that thinking trail to a Greener Universe and enjoying the tunes!!
lakshmiprashan7 @LifeWithJohn @Twitter Not sure those like @elonmusk even comprehend the feelings of normal people who share art, words of wisdom, personal stories, flowers & gardens & trails of an unsophisticated way that just brightens the world of the community of followers who relish it quietly When it rains, look for rainbows and when it's dark, look for stars. Talk less, say more and do good..
p_staatz Pacific North WEST @KimComstock5 You are most welcome Kim 💖🤗💚🌿🐴🪶 Carved Trails Art 💙🌊 Riding that thinking trail to a Greener Universe and enjoying the tunes!!
shannonhall_art @GPettroll @SotisGaze @Blondie24472103 @ClownWorld_ You’re not as smart as you think you are. You can see these things linger all day in the summer & winter. A contrail needs specific rare conditions to stay in the air for up to an hour. These trails will last all day & turn to a haze. Quit arguing about things you don’t know. Everyone wants to be great until it comes time to do what greatness requires. Jesus•Family•Comics•Artist
press_ghost Finally! All acceptance/rejection notices have gone out for ALONG HARROWED TRAILS. If you haven't heard back from us, send us DM and we'll try and figure out what's up. Once all contracts are signed, we'll announce the TOC. Stay tuned. Cover art by Carter Reid. Timber Ghost is a small press that specializes in publishing #creepy, #weird, and #disturbing #horror fiction.
gomuseums San Diego, California The City of San Diego is seeking applications from interested qualified artists to provide public art services for Hidden Trails Park, Willie Henderson Sports Complex, & Southwest Park Public Art Projects. Learn more: Adventure and fun awaits you at San Diego's arts, culture and science destinations. Take your pick of more than 50 top destinations at
Daniboy_CFC World Wide The Legend Of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel III Reveals New Old Class VII Art 💎🌟💎 iBlog - iDesign Website - iWrite Articles - iYouTube - 💎🌟💎
NoisyPixelNews Oakland, CA The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III Reveals New Old Class VII Art - Your dedicated gaming and manga outlet. contact:
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Bmaniphesto Mukilteo, WA Welp, looks like this Here Old App might be hitting the Dusty Trails hoss. For now, look at my cool album art! Rap project in the oven right now, baking nicely at 450 degrees and simmering in its own juices.
garethig1 I’m a great believer in writing letters and notes by hand to people. I fear it’s a lost art in these days of fast communications, soaring costs of postage and digital audit trails. #vicaragelife Fr Gareth Jones: Vicar of St Mary the Virgin, Ilford’s Mother Church & home of #refugeewelcome. Canon Commissary. Refugee Advocate. Personal Account.
eruruu hate looking for trails art to rt because theres so much porn i dont even get it its not even a gatcha game evan / 24 / professonial sakura wars koi koi speedrunner for @KokoronGaming
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Jennife46206019 Featured Art of the Day: "Fairy Trails". Buy it at:
thebooktrailer #HWACrowns2022 #BookTrail 🧳Vienna ⚙️ the art world 📚historical fiction The Leviathan by @rosieandrews22 #LiteraryTravelAgency #LiteraryTravel @HistoriaHWA @BloomsburyRaven The #LiteraryTravelAgency: Discovering the world, one book at a time. Books/novels set in locations across the world
cynonvalleymus Aberdare, Wales Visit us this weekend! View art by The Welsh Group / Y Grwp Cymreig in our Lower Gallery & Colin Davies in our Mezzanine Gallery. Explore the museum with our children's trails & visit our shop for Xmas gifts! Tues - Sat. 10.00am- 3.00pm Free entry / Mynediad am ddim OPEN Tuesday - Saturday, 10am - 3pm🏛 A place for history, art, community. Find out what we've got going on via our website - link below👇
ArtsHub Australia 'Summer equals open studio trails and festival for many, and recent attendances confirm the value of those ‘IRL’ experiences,' writes Gina Fairley: #art #arttrail #gallery #exhibition #artist #audience National Art News for the Arts Industry, Artists and Arts lovers. #ArtsHub
Crispytp91 @LeorlonTyan I only recently started following you, but I really liked your Kiseki art and the reactions you posted as you were playing Trails of Cold Steel 3. I recently finished Cold Steel 4, so it was great watching someone new to the series playing it Call me Crispy if you want. Just an guy who's into Twitter. Usually just follow artists. Always hoping to have a good time here.